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Gwendolyn Anita Moore

Gwendolyn Anita Moore was the center of attention on Saturday, January 1, when family members “raised their glasses” and toasted the island’s first centenarian for 2022. Ms. Moore was the first to receive a virtual visit by President of Barbados, The Most Honourable...

Fitzgerald Brereton BSM, JP

Fitzgerald Brereton is a living testimony of an active senior.  At the age of 100, he still drives, takes leisurely strolls around his neighbourhood at Cottage Heights, Fairview, St. George, and still attends service at St. Luke’s Anglican Church. On the eve of his...

Iyola Margarita Parris

Iyola Parris is a “Trini to de bone”, and enjoys all things Trinidadian.  In her younger days, she enjoyed a good party and the day was not complete unless she listened to her favourite calypsonian, the Mighty Sparrow. The centenarian, whose youthful looks belie her...

Esmay Williams

Esmay Williams was one of the more sought after seamstresses in the close nit St. Simon’s, St. Andrew district. Her creative designs were the talk of the town with important Christian celebrations such as Christmas and Easter being the busiest times for trendy...

Centenarians of Barbados – The Foundation Builders

This project is co-developed by the Barbados Government Information Service, the National Committee on Ageing and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.
Centenarians of Barbados: Foundation Builders proposes to be an informative and interactive space for all Barbadians which highlights the significant milestone of becoming a centenarian.

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