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John Phillips Durant

One of Barbados’ latest centenarians, John Phillips Durant, celebrated his birthday on Thursday, April 5, surrounded by loved ones at the St. Michael District Hospital.  He received a special virtual visit via Zoom by President of Barbados, Her Excellency, The...

Ione Waterman

Barbados’ latest centenarian Ione Waterman has been recognised by her family and close friends as a lady who made her mark on the lives of those with whom she came into contact. The family and close friends of Ms. Waterman gathered recently, where they shared via Zoom...

Emeta Weekes

There was a gathering of family and close friends in Harmony Hall St. Philip to celebrate Barbados' newest Centenarian - Ms. Emeta Weekes.   Acting President of Barbados, His Excellency The Very Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Douglas Gibson, visited with Ms. Weekes...

Edwardina Leona Haynes

Edwardina Leona Haynes was born in Barbados on May 4th, 1922, to Rupert and Ianthe Standard in the Parish of St. Michael. She had one sibling, Dr. Kenneth Standard who migrated to Jamaica in 1962, where he resided until his death.  Edwardina or “Deane” as she is...

Centenarians of Barbados – The Foundation Builders

This project is co-developed by the Barbados Government Information Service, the National Committee on Ageing and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

Centenarians of Barbados: Foundation Builders proposes to be an informative and interactive space for all Barbadians which highlights the significant milestone of becoming a centenarian.

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