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Beryl Mabel Whitney

Beryl Mabel Whitney was the "lady of the hour" when relatives and friends gathered at the home of her daughter, Lola Bynoe, where Beryl currently resides, to celebrate the special milestone on October 9. Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, who joined via Skype, headed...

Coral Harris

Coral Harris was one of several post-war West Indian immigrants who journeyed to the United Kingdom on board the Monte Soriemento – one of the HM’S British Windrush line of vessels in search of better opportunities. Like most West Indians, the British winters proved...

Elsie Eileen Carrington

Elsie Carrington has a sharp wit that belies her 100 years and is not afraid to speak frankly on any subject. On Sunday, September, 27, Elsie was the “lady of the hour” as Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, via Skype, joined relatives in the celebrations at No. 57,...

Orville Harcourt Clarke

Orville Clarke made a name for himself as a shoemaker who specialised in creating various types of footwear, be it casual, formal or athletic. Born in Reed Street, St. Michael, Mr. Clarke was educated at Wesley Hall and St. Mary’s Boys’ Schools.   On leaving...

Centenarians of Barbados – The Foundation Builders

This project is co-developed by the Barbados Government Information Service, the National Committee on Ageing and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.
Centenarians of Barbados: Foundation Builders proposes to be an informative and interactive space for all Barbadians which highlights the significant milestone of becoming a centenarian.

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