There was a gathering of family and close friends in Harmony Hall St. Philip to celebrate Barbados’ newest Centenarian – Ms. Emeta Weekes.   Acting President of Barbados, His Excellency The Very Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Douglas Gibson, visited with Ms. Weekes via Zoom and shared his congratulations.

His Excellency stated “. Happy Birthday Ms. Weekes; it is wonderful to see you, you are looking so well” to which the Centenarian replied “I thank you too, in the name of the Lord.”

Elder Pauline Holder from the London Road Apostolic Church, where Ms. Weekes worshiped until she moved to St. Philip, shared a prayer thanking God for Ms. Weekes’ life, her witness and “the example she has been to us.” 

Daughter, Joyanne Weekes, read from Psalms. 86 verses 1-8, while her eldest son, Bruce Weekes shared a tribute on behalf of the family.  As part of his tribute, he stated:  “Mum…you have inspired all of us, you have given us your undivided love and wisdom…you have also taught us to be honest, respectful, humble and to serve the Lord just as you have done.”

When asked by His Excellency to share some thoughts, Ms. Weekes replied “I always give God thanks and praise that he brought me so far.  I was not looking to come in this journey but with God’s grace and mercies, he has brought me so far. 

Ms. Weekes shared with the Acting President that continued reliance on God was key to her, especially in raising her children.   The Centenarian stated “I am grateful all six of my children know the Lord.  One thing that I am grateful for, that I taught them how to keep trusting, keep believing and He will make the way for them.”

After singing the birthday song, His Excellency was introduced to the family members that were present and remarked: “Thank you very much for introducing the family…it is good to see other generations growing, continuing their fellowship and harmony within the same household…”

Sub Lieutenant Jamal Gittens presented Ms. Weekes with gifts of appreciation on behalf of His Excellency which included a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and a personalized card.  Ms. Weekes expressed gratitude for the gifts.  His Excellency added “One hundred years is no mean feat.  You look well. Enjoy every moment of it. Happy Birthday; good to be part of the family celebrations and congratulations.” 

Ms. Weekes enjoys doing crossword puzzles and reading the newspaper; engaging family members in discussing topical events.  When asked what she does to keep her mind sharp, the Centenarian replied “…God is who is keeping me. I can’t keep myself, He is the one who is keeping me; I will continue to trust Him.” 

Ms. Weekes was a dressmaker and while she admits to never having made a bridal dress, she sewed for her children and for people from all walks of life.  The Centenarian firmly believes everyone should always look their best and advised young people to “put your trust in The Almighty; He is the one that will keep you…God is our keeper.” 

The Centenarian was very active in Church up until 2021 (her 99th birthday) making visits to the District Hospital and taking part in Open Air Meetings well into her ninety’s. 

Born in Fairview, Christ Church, Ms. Weekes eventually moved to Brittons Hill and it was from there that she moved to St. Phillip to stay with her daughter and son-in-law at their invitation.  

Ms. Weekes has six children and nine grandchildren as well as great grandchildren.