Albert Haig Pierce Weatherheard was an
avid swimmer, and held records for the national breaststroke for several

He founded the Alpha Swim Club in 1966 which
boasts of swimming stars such as Leah Martindale, Andrei Cross, Terrence Haynes
and Alex Sobers.

Albert was admitted to the Barbados Sports
Hall of Fame, twice for swimming achievements. He competed in masters swimming
events until the age of 70.

Mr. Weatherhead is the only surviving
Canadian/Barbadian serviceman from World War II.  During the war, he joined the medical corps
and served in Europe.

While in Belgium, he married his first
wife in 1945 and had two children and three grandchildren.  He remarried in 1972 and had one child and
three grandchildren.

Upon his return to Barbados, he worked as
the Manager of AS Bryden’s Pharmaceutical Sales Department until his