Alma Geraldine Rae lived all her life at 4th Avenue, Harts Gap, Christ Church.

Mrs. Rae worked at the Marine Hotel in Hastings. She was married to Edmund Rae, whom she loved very much. Mother of one child, four grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and five great, great grandchildren. She was a very active member of the St. Matthias Anglican Church and a member of the Mothers’ Union for over 47 years.

She was honoured by the St. Matthias Mothers’ Union and the National Committee on Ageing for outstanding service. She was a no-nonsense person and licks was the order of the day, if needed. She raised all of her grands and most of her great grands.  She was a family person and lived for her family.

Mrs. Rae believed in her God and made sure all of her children attended church.

She was always a well-dressed woman and fully believed in her community. She was always willing to give her last to anyone, whether it was money or food.

She was loved by all ages, and lived a full life to 103 years old.