Clyde Foster is “an independent man who can stand on his own two feet” according to the popular song sung by Mike Grovesnor. 

This sprightly centenarian, who is well respected throughout his Waterhall Land Eagle Hall, St. Michael community, takes public transportation to get to and fro. 

He also goes to the beach, does his own cleaning, washing and ironing and attends James Street Methodist Church every Sunday.

Although he has no major ailments, apart from weakness in the knees, Mr. Foster attributes his longevity to living a stress-free life, showing compassion to all and a hearty appetite.

On any given day, he enjoys watermelon, dark cake, sweetbread and cheese and biscuits.

In his younger days, Mr. Foster worked in the port before securing a job on the Harrison Line where he travelled to places such as the United States, England, East Africa, South Africa, Switzerland, and Japan.

Mr. Foster was married for over 50 years to Beryl Foster and had two sons, one deceased.  He is also the grandfather of one.