Elvira Mary Rock was born on July 22, 1878 to Eliza Ann Burnett and John Rock in St. Lucy, Barbados. She was the eldest of six children. She married at St. Clement’s Anglican Church in St. Lucy on February 22, 1898 at the age of 19 to 23-year-old Isaac Henry Newton Rock, who was born on April 11, 1875.  Together they raised a family of 14 children (eight sons and six daughters).

Elvira, better known as Dayah in the community, was a seamstress and her husband Isaac was a highly sought after contractor.  Elvira and Isaac were separated after his tragic death on April 11, 1956, on the day of his 81st birthday.  On January 13, 1982.  Elvira Mary Rock died in her district St. Clement’s after reaching 103 years; she was 40 days short of her 104th birthday.