Isa Wickham was the lady of the hour when Governor General Dame Sandra Mason joined in the birthday celebrations on July 11th via Skype, along with the staff of the St. Michael Geriatric Hospital, to celebrate her milestone.

Dame Sandra expressed thanks to the staff of the Geriatric Hospital for taking excellent care of Isa.

Ms. Wickham, who was born in Airy Hill, St. George, was educated at St. George Girls’ School.  After leaving school, she was employed as a maid in private homes.  Isa later moved to Newbury in the same parish and then to Princess Royal Avenue, the Pine, St. Michael, until she was admitted to the Geriatric Hospital more than five years ago.

 Although not married, Isa had nine children; one is deceased.  She also has 23 grand-children, 28 great-grand-children and 10 great-great grandchildren.

Ms. Wickham, a devout Christian, was a member of the New Testament Church of God, River Road, St. Michael, for four decades. 

Daughter Jean Wickham described her mother as a loving and caring mother, who was well-loved by her children and other relatives.  She recounted her mother in her earlier days telling relatives that she would live to see 100.

Cousin Erskine Wickham reflected on Isa’s selfless dedication to her family. “Isa has always been a very loyal family member to all of her known relatives.  As the oldest, she looked after her siblings, after the death of her mother and grandmother.  Over the years, Isa made regular visits to her family members and was always ready to assist them.”