Ismay Kendall was a trendy dresser in her younger days.  She kept up-to-date with the latest fashions and every time she stepped out of the house, Ismay was always “on point.”

Born in Roebuck Street, St. Michael, she was educated at Miss Griffin’s Private School and Church Village Elementary School in the City.

Ismay entered the workforce as a teenager.  Faced with limited employment opportunities, she learnt to sew, with her first job being at Mr. Norman Hope’s Tailor Shop, located at the corner of Lucas Street.

Ismay also worked at Lashley’s Store and an establishment owned by Mr. Cozier and operated from Swan and Marhill Streets.  In 1943, she joined the Civic Trading Company situated at the junction of Swan and High Streets where she worked for 32 years.

A devout worshipper at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Ms. Kendall never married and had no children

In her heyday, Ismay enjoyed going to dances at the Drill Hall and the Girls’ Industrial Union.