Lilian Williams was born in Bourne’s Village, St. George and went to school at St. Matthew’s School, Jackman’s St Michael.

In her younger days, Mrs. Williams worked at various plantations in St. George before moving to Bibby’s Lane, St. Michael.

While living in Bibby’s Lane, Lilian became a hawker and traversed the “length and breadth” of Barbados in search of produce which she sold by St. Mary’s Church wall, in the City and at Station. Hill, St. Michael.

Predeceased by Mottley “German” Williams, whom she married in the 1940’s, the couple had two children.  She also has two grand-children and three great-grands.

Lilian was a devout worshipper at St. Matthew’s Anglian Church, St. Michael and the New Testament Church of God, Bibby’s Lane.

She spends her days chatting with family and her caretaker, singing, reciting psalms and praying.