Lottie Edwards-Bishop (Aunt Lot) is a treasure to her children, other relatives and well-wishers.  At the age of 100, she is able to recall past events in Barbados and highlights of the family history dating back decades; paint; do gardening and cook.   

Her excellent mental faculties amazed Governor General Dame Sandra Mason, who looked on virtually, as guests present for Aunt Lot’s birthday, at 5th Avenue Park Road, Bush Hall, St. Michael, raised their glasses in a toast, during celebrations on Sunday, June 13.  She encouraged family members to sit with Lottie and record the family’s history, for prosperity.

 Aunt Lot, still basking from the surprise party held in her honour the day before, told Dame Sandra that she did not reach this milestone without God’s help, adding that she lived a good life.

Grandson Kyle Edwards described his grandmother as the “strongest person I have known all of my life.  I have watched every day for 24 years and that is not even a quarter of how long she has lived, but I am grateful and privileged to be a part of her journey and her being a part of mine”.

He said his grandmother’s ability at 100 years to cook; water the garden; hold coherent conversations with people astonished him.  Kyle expressed deep admiration for his grandmother and hoped she live to see many more birthdays.

Other relatives, in their tributes, described her as a treasure of wisdom and good advice and an archive of information, who was loved by all in the district.

Mrs. Edwards-Bishop was born in Edgcliff, St. John, and was educated at Hothersal Primary School; St. John Mixed School, and Grace Hill Moravian School. 

On leaving school, she taught briefly at Grace Hill Moravian under the supervision of Ms. Daniel, Ms. Francis and Ms. Spooner, before proceeding to the General Hospital – now the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – to work as a Laundry Assistant.

Mrs. Edwards-Bishop still leads an active lifestyle, cooking ground provisions, macaroni and salt fish.  Up until age 90, Aunt Lot used to climb the breadfruit tree on the property until it was cut down by her relatives.             Married to Archie Edwards-Bishop now deceased, the couple had four children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.