Melvie Harewood was a disciplinarian who valued respect highly.  She passed on these traits to her children and was not afraid to speak candidly on any subject.

Raised in Beulah, St. Philip, Melvie attended Beulah School and reached seventh standard.  She worked as a domestic at private residences in St. Philip and loved to cook and bake.  She later moved to Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael, where she continued her vocation.

She was never married but had three children, one deceased.  Melvie was the proud grandmother of 10, great-grandmother of 12 and great-great grandmother of six.

She was a member of Belmont Methodist Church.  Son, Winston Harewood describes his mother as a wonderful person and a great provider for her children.

Melvie, who was visually impaired, had no major ailments up until the time of her death.  She loved eating ground provisions with salt meat.

She was a resident of St. Jude’s Nursing Home, Holder’s Hill, St. James where she spent her days, quietly chatting with other residents.