Mildred Eunice Cumberbatch was born in Weston St. James.  On the death of her parents at an early age, she moved to Mount Brevitor, St. Peter where she was raised by her aunts Helena and Elvira Toppin. 

Mildred began her early school life at St. Albans School and completed her education at All Saint’s Girls when she moved to St. Peter.  On leaving school, she worked as a labourer at Warleigh Plantation for several years.  Mildred also worked at a small plantation owned by Fitz Payne, in Ashton Hall, St. Peter where she remained until retirement.

Daughter Belinda Cumberbatch said her mother had a love for gardening and planted crops in her spare time.  She also raised animals.  Belinda said her mother was very generous and shared her produce with neighbours, relatives and friends.

She said her mum was a devout Christian who attended United Baptist Church, Speightstown, St. Peter.

Mildred loved to travel.  In 2013, at the age of 96, she visited Jamaica to attend the wedding of one of her grandsons.

In 1947, Mrs. Cumberbatch married Cuthbert Chesterfield Cumberbatch at St. Albans Church and moved to Millionaire Road, Ashton Hall, St. Peter, where she still resides.  The couple had six children one deceased. Cuthbert predeceased her in 2013.