Millicent “Millie” Ifill is a well-loved, former fish vendor whose hard work and dedication to the industry has earned her the respect among the fishing community in Weston, St. James.

Raised in Broomfield, St. Lucy by her grandmother who passed away when Millie was very young, she received no formal schooling.  Millie relocated to Weston, determined to make a living.   

Millie worked as a domestic and tied sugar cane in the agricultural fields before settling for a career in fish vending.  She learned all the skills of the fish vending trade on the job. “What I have learned is from being out and about and from selling fish to people and talking and communicating with different people. What I got is through talking with them,” she said.

Married to Kenneth Ifill, the couple had one son.  Mrs. Ifill is a devout worshipper at the Miracle Centre.

In 2011, the Weston Fish Market was renamed the Millicent Ifill Fish Market in her honour.