Nesta Loretta Harding sang alto in the Church of God, Silver Sands, Christ Church choir until age 85 and can still hold the key.

The cheerful centenarian, who still hums, claps and dances to well-loved hymns, was born in Sayes Court, Christ Church and went to school at St. Christopher School.

In her early working days, Ms. Harding moved to Enterprise, Christ Church and worked as a housekeeper in the Worthing area.  She was never married and had three children, one deceased.   She has five grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren.

According to granddaughter Shelly-ann Harding, she is a stickler for etiquette, mathematically inclined, an avid reader and a fussy dresser.  “She still believes that when she is dressed, everything must be matching.”

With no major ailments besides arthritis, Ms. Harding spends her day reading the Bible, the newspaper and other literature.

She has a hearty appetite and her favourite dish is cou cou and flying fish.