Edna Cumberbatch, this island’s oldest recorded female, has died at the age of 110.

Mrs. Cumberbatch passed away on Tuesday, November 19, at the Roywardeen Caring Home, Friendly Hall, St. Lucy, where she was a resident for the past 19 years.

Born in Fustic Village, St. Lucy, she later moved to Harrison Point, in the same parish with her parents.

Niece, Maureen Cadogan, described her late aunt as a very positive and strong person who kept herself well until her death.

She said Aunt Edna read a lot and she introduced her to the library from an early age.  “She was one of the first persons I saw with a National Geographic Magazine reading.  She used to sew, loved flowers and gardening and was very good to all her nieces and nephews.”

Owner and Manager of the Roywardeen Caring Home, Maureen Ward, said Mrs. Cumberbatch was very pleasant and easy to care for.

“She was not diabetic or hypertensive.  She liked ice cream and cake and always ate her vegetables first.  Up until recently, she was feeding herself until the latter days before her death.”

The funeral service was held on Friday, December 6, at St. Lucy’s Parish Church.

Courtesy of the Nation Publishing Co. Ltd.